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This wiki aims to be a free aerodrome guide for and by both professional and private pilots. It is not supposed to replace, but rather to supplement the official publications about the airfield in question and to give pilots an idea of the specialties and quirks of the aerodrome they will be operating to.

If you would like to help us and make additions or corrections to the guide please read our style guide.

In case you need charts for the aerodrome concerned we can recommend the national AIPs, you can obtain the ECAC state AIPs free of charge at the European AIS Database supplied by Eurocontrol.

Needless to say the information presented here shall not be used for navigation - charts and information might be outdated or incorrect - refer to the current and official publications and your company manual!

List of aerodromes coveredEdit


EDDF - FRA - Frankfurt/Main

EDDH - HAM - Hamburg

EDDM - MUC - Munich

EDDK - CGN - Cologne / Bonn


LSZH - ZRH - Zürich


LTAC - ESB - Ankara Esenboga

LTAF - ADA - Adana

LTAI - AYT - Antalya

LTAJ - GZT - Gaziantep

LTBA - IST - Istanbul Atatürk

LTBS - DLM - Dalaman Mugla

LTBJ - ADB - Izmir Adnan Menderes

LTCC - DIY - Diyarbakır

LTCE - ERZ - Erzurum

LTCF - KSY - Kars

LTCG - TZX - Trabzon

LTCI - VAN - Van

LTDA - HTY - Hatay

LTFE - BJV - Bodrum Milas

LTFH - SZF - Samsun

LTFJ - SAW - Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen


LOWW - VIE - Vienna-Schwechat


WIII - CGK - Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Intl.

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